The Common Self.

-lecture given by Lewis Hyde

"the oxes that being lost"

max cambien

1. individualism -> common self (less individual)

2. getting to know one's own mind-> what is mind

study self ->self disappeads-> realising the equivillance between what you are and other->"entering the villige with helping hands" twoness

3.人是宿主 individual=not devisibe (science 與微生物共生)

4. devidual self

no individual in hell.

5. printer and 知識產權

6. lucabrition--> imagine- creation books- art enable/disable certain ways of being human(acting/interaction)

7.cultural commence &cultural practice--> everyone has access to because no one has rights to exclude.

8.monopoly privilige with printing & democracy

9. where it from? for whom it is made? every great man is unique?

10. 歌德:my works has been nourished by counteless different individuals... bears the name of Goethe

愛默生 indivdualism- child and nature to

self taught and deviduality---> oil painting 牛頓etc

11. social activism

馬丁路德金 i have a dream-> ads

commercial culture


how dreams were understood

spiritual activist

12 privacy

to prive= to depose/ to be left alone

devidual self lose complexity to individual

13. “a spoge and a half”"blotting paper"

阿爾蒂爾蘭波 "i is sth else" seer

doubleness is preserved

i think my thought- i am thought// i think therefore i am-i am thought therefore i am not// i is someone else

Mix lol

"i feel my self"

self comes from sb else's art

in the full surround of others- extension of other beings

14. you is not alone



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